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I have composed, performed, recorded and edited works for 3 amazing artists: Alex Culshaw, Monster Chetwynd and Esther Teichmann.


The Ripple, 2019


A short film by Alex Culshaw based around concepts of collective storytelling, mass hysteria and focuses on the incident in 2015 in which 40 children simultaneously became ill at Outwood Academy. 

Young actors, dancers and performers from Ripon and the local area took part in filming between the 9th and 14th of July at Ripon Ameuter Operatics Society. The choreography and movement was led by Rees Dance. 

Exhibited at South Kiosk

Phantasie Fotostudio II, 2019



Phantasie Fotostudio II is a work made as part of the ongoing collaboration between artists Esther Teichmann and Monster Chetwynd. Since having first met at the Royal College of Art during their MA studies in 2004, the pair have been struck by the parallels in reference materials that their very distinct practices draw upon. Their practices also overlap in their adoption of tableaux vivantes and their use of theatrical backdrops and sets. Thus begun a dialogue and close friendship that has taken the form of making a joint body of work once a decade.
Phantasie Fotostudio II brings many of the same protagonists together again along with new collaborators in this Warholesque film montage of extended portraits. Punctuated by the repetition of a crying figure, the film becomes a narrative of gazes, dramatized further by the original string quartet score by Benji Jeffrey, artist, musician and composer, who is also one of the protagonists within the film. Directed by Esther Teichmann, all the subjects selected costumes from Monster Chetwynd’s extraordinary wardrobe, under her careful guidance, with contributions by artist and make-up enthusiast Paul Kindersley. This most recent collaboration features not only a new generation of artist protagonists alongside Teichmann’s and Chetwynd’s peers, but also their own children, both in front of and behind the camera.

Exhibited at John Hansard Gallery.

The score for this work has been sampled by Rutger Hauser on their track, Signs in my hand.

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