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CHIMERA is a short film produced over a week in the Spanish village of Frailes by the Inland Studios gang.

“Quimera” was a short film, shot and screened in the town of Frailes, Spain. The intention behind the film was to relocate the town within a hinterland; a frontier space. We were interested in creating a sense of isolation that was both geographical and psychological. Out of this we hoped to construct a fiction around the spaces filmed and so form a new mythology of the town.

The English counterpart “Chimera”, originally screened at Inland Studios, makes use of the footage and loose narrative structure conceived in Spain, and develops upon the themes of alienation and dislocation. With this second screening in London the film has been removed from the place of its conception and so the idea of relocation and the sense of a remove have become central. The filming sites of Frailes assume a new alien character. The original footage has been brought together with footage collected elsewhere, and so the idea of location within the film takes on a new complexity; a further degree of abstraction and illusion.

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