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The Tuesday Plays (2020)

The Tuesday Plays were a project created in collaboration with Rose Dagul during lockdown. Along with our frequent collaborator, Penny Klein, we like to work in a way that we describe as 'quick and dirty'. We wanted to connect creatively in a time when we were all so far apart, grabbing the bull by it's horns, harnessing the power of urgency. We put a call out for plays to be written with a quick turnaround which we then performed, as you may have guessed, on Tuesdays. These plays, performed over Zoom, were then shared on Instagram.

T.R. Deeks

Lettice & Lindsey

Penny Klein

Lou and Leslie

Rob Bidder

Lee and Leanne

Chloe Bonfield

Lilo and Lolo

Justine Melford-Colegate

Lena & Lujo

Alex Culshaw

Lettice & Lindsey Part 2

Sophie Nibbs

Lettice & Lindsey Part 3

Sophie Nibbs

Lou & Leslie Part 2

Amy Lay-Pettifer

Lena & Lol

Ralph Pritchard

Legarde & Lime

Benji Jeffrey

L'aura and Laura

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