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Inland Studios

Albion ​by Stephen Emmerson

Inland Studios was a studio/gallery space in Camberwell founded by myself, Keira Greene, Lauren Houlton, Alice Mendelowitz and Bella Marrin in 2011, later joined by Natasha Cox

The space was used both as studio space and to stage exhibitions, performances and workshops, the recurring central tenet of which was a focus upon experimental installation and an emphasis on new and original forms of display. In addition to exhibition and studio space we also had a photographic darkroom, which was available for bookings and free to use.

We showed works and hosted events which included artists such as Paul Kindersley, Rosie Carr, Sophie Jung, Lucie Pardue, Spencer Mansfield Ashby,  Bristol Diving School, Stephen Emmerson, Annie Strachan and Takeshi Shiomitsu.

More details can be found on the Inland Studios website

More details on curating can be found here.

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