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The Royal College of Art podcast

I am the host and co-producer of the RCA podcast, where I bring you insight into the philosophy behind the programmes at the RCA by talking to staff, students, and the wider RCA community about what the RCA does and how the work of architects, artists, communicators, designers and researchers affect the world at large.

Working Podclasst


Working Podclasst is a conversation by and for people who identify as Working Class or from a Working Class background and who exist, somehow, in this magical kingdom we call “The Art World”. Hosted by myself and Laura Dee Milnes the intention was for each episode to revolve around a topic relating to this theme. Expect Northern lilts and plenty of chips on shoulders (with gravy).
Due to the nature of unexpected curveballs that life through our way followed by the pandemic and the murder of George Floyd this project felt heavier than our light hearted approach. We might revisit one day, but for now we're leaving it at one glorious episode. This episode was commissioned for Art Licks Radio.

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