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Susan's Boy

Susan's Boy is my popstar alter ego, brewing since my teen years and manifested during the 2020 lockdown. After a period of unrest in my personal and creative life I decided to take a pivot in my practice and work on music, with the pop song and the music video as the dominant boundaries for my creative output. 

The first body of work for Susan's Boy takes the form of my debut EP, Checkpoints, named after the punctuations in video games at which you save you progress. Using synths, samples from 80s songs and layered vocals I have written, produced and performed a series of tracks which explore messiah complex, imposter syndrome, anxiety, optimistic nihilism, fleeting connections and joy. 

With the exception of Feel a Fool all videos were conceived, shot, directed and edited by me. Feel a Fool, directed by Louis Jack, took an incredibly talented bunch of people, the credits for which you can find on Youtube. UNI is performed by the brilliant Kwaku Mills.

You can find all my tracks on BandcampSpotifyApple Music and all the other places you might expect to find music.


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